Where did this idea come from?

Cup-Get actually started off as a way to get over the fact that I worked in an incredibly mismanaged donut shop up in the Northeast, during..well, not a fun time in my life..it wasn’t horrific.  But I couldn’t stand it, and felt like I needed some type of way to deal with it.
You know those fantasy stories where “guy hates job, situation happens, guy gets dream job..” and all that other cliche stuff?  This comic is kinda something like that.


What do you use to make this?

I use ClipStudio Ex.  I find it alot easier to use than Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.  Still have yet to master it though.

But first I hand-draw it, and line it, and scan it in so I can have a solid base to build from.


Did you go to school for this?

Sort of, I am an art major yes, but for Print/Web Graphic Design and advertising.  Cartooning/Drawing has just always been a hobby of mine.


Okay, now back to your comic..First off, why such generic names for the places?

Northtown was supposed to have that name, basically the main character is from a dull, gray little place covered in a permanent fog.

Everything is shades of black or gray there, animals, plants, people, everything.  Whenever the sun shines there people go nuts.

First City is pretty much the opposite. Though the name might actually go through a change at some point.

Limbo?  Well, the name explains itself..


Uh-huh. Why did you include that place in Cup-Get?

Well, two main characters are from Limbo.


Which brings up your characters. Are any based on real people?

Three are, yes.  As narcissistic as it sounds, Aaron Jay is based on myself, right down to that white patch on his head.  While Tiffany and Bill are also (at times very loosely) based on two good friends of mine, I got their permission to use them before I went ahead to make this though.

Some of what happens in Cup-Get is based off of past discussions/events that we had.

The Cartel Sisters however, are fictional daughters of the Grim Reaper.  Most comics featuring spiritual things have either Angels or Demons, most times it’s the usual thing of Good vs Evil or something.  Thought I’d go a different route and make the Angel of Death become a dad.

The only one without any decent backstory yet is Lisa, she’s just been there from the start.


Due to the way certain characters look, will there be any nudity in this comic?

Nope, even though a “certain character” looks like Harley Quinn was mixed with Jessica Rabbit, the closest thing to nudity is what you’ve seen already.


At times you drop a ton of swears and foul language on a page, other times you blot it out.  Why is that?

There are times where I feel that an “F-bomb” or three is a needed thing.  Other times, the usual @#$%!! will do just as fine.

I know, the comic that features a girl that looks like a demonic porn-star puts limits on swearing.


Speaking of..

Oh God..here it comes.


Why does Mindy look like that?

I created Mindy to be that one “impossible girl”.  There’s a bit of a backstory to her appearance that will be covered in upcoming arcs.


Okay, back to the main comic then, will it be an ongoing thing or is there a true beginning, middle, and end?

The way it’s set up is that this is all one big story. With the beginning already known, a mid point and an end.

I have written and drawn out the final page of Cup-Get earlier, now all that’s left is getting the necessary characters to said final comic.

The Core Six (Aaron, Tiffany, Bill, Lisa, Kat, and Mindy) go through alot together before then.


Will there ever be a book from you?

I’d love to have Cup-Get hit bookshelves or even as an e-book.  That’s kind of a goal of mine.

Though that seems to be a long way off…for now. (haunting laughter)

I do want to participate in a few Comic-cons before that though, sell some stuff, draw some other things. I hope to do that in a couple of years.


What if you authorized a movie to be made?

I can pretty much tell you that’s not a possibility.  As cool as it would be, I believe certain things are not meant for the screen..


Will you ever cover topics such as politics, religion or war or anything like that?

No, I think those are way to polarizing issues to handle for myself.  The only time I ever consider doing a social issue is if it’s necessary to Cup-Get.

Besides, I don’t think a comic that features a foul-mouthed artist, his semi-“ex” demon girlfriend, and his friends really should cover things like that.


Lastly, Fan-Art. Do you accept it?

As long as it isn’t trashy or porn or anything offensive. yes.

I might actually post it in one of my comic’s descriptions.


So there you have it, not much, I might add other stuff..but for now.

The “Who Makes This” page.
-Aaron J.