Characters (and their details) will be updated as comic progresses.

Main Characters:

AaronAaron Jay –

The main character and artist for the First City Theater, moved there after getting fired from his job at a Northtown Coffee shop.  Odd thing about him is that he doesn’t seem to mind that his boss is from Hell. Literally.  Which is a good thing since he dated her until a “technicality” arose.





TiffanyTiffany Hodge –

The blue-haired girl that is first seen giving Aaron a bear hug that could’ve probably killed him. Tiffany is one of Aaron’s two friends that left Northtown years ago in order to start over again, turns out she made a career being an ALT model and upon retiring opened up a nightclub call Goth Barbie after her modeling nickname.  Lisa called her to keep an eye on Aaron so he doesn’t get killed out in the city.




BillBill Mulls –

The second of Aaron’s two friends,  always seen wearing glasses and mostly around wherever Tiff is. Recently was given a pet dragon named Spot..









mindy avatarMindy Cartel –

The lovable, short, yet well-endowed demoness from the circle of Hell known as Limbo as well as the owner of the First City Theater.  How she got to own said Theater is unknown right now, or why she’s apparently gone through so many different artists before Aaron got there. Although the latter might have something to do with her favorite little pet Roscoe.





LisaLisa Gray –

One of Aaron’s two remaining friends that he left behind in Northtown, though she came to First City after her ex-fiancee was killed in a prison riot. Now residing across the street from Aaron, in Mindy’s sister’s old apartment.






kat avatarKatrina “Kat” Cartel (aka: Lisa Ellis) –

Mindy Cartel’s taller, sarcastic, cynical sister, who is also the Grim Reaper’s first born, well over three millenia old (with Mindy only 75 human years younger) she’s seen just how cruel the world can be. For the longest time Katrina’s jaded view of humanity led her to be skeptical of anyone her more outgoing sister Mindy would fall in love with, calling it “another chapter of Mindy’s love life” until she met Aaron..or “Patchy” as she like to call him.




DeathMr. Cartel (aka The Angel of Death.)

Yup, The Grim Reaper has kids.











Lenore “The forgotten one”

An eternal ethereal woman older than time, and evil enough to land herself in an unnamed tenth circle of Hell.
More on her as the comic progresses.